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Workplace Wellness

Good For Your Employees - And Your Bottom Line!

Absences due to preventable illness or injury are a huge drain on your company’s finances. We will work with you to create a workplace wellness program that will help your employees get and stay healthier. By promoting a healthy lifestyle, you can not only improve your employees’ quality of life, but also protect them and your business from unnecessary expenses. We can provide you with information, ideas and guidance in creating any or all of the programs listed below.

A Workplace Wellness Program

A wellness program is a way to help employees and family members make voluntary changes that reduce their health risks and enhance their productivity. Wellness programs vary widely in design, and we have tools to help you gather claims data, conduct a needs-and-interest survey and audit your current wellness culture, all to help design a wellness program to address specific issues. The program may include:

  • Information on proper nutrition
  • Information on ways to increase fitness
  • Information on general health issues, including obesity
  • Helping with smoking cessation
  • Conducting Wellness Fairs

A Weight Management Program

Obesity among employees results in more sick days, drops in productivity and increased medical costs. We can provide tailored materials to help your employees understand the dangers of obesity and help them reach their healthy weight. We will provide customizable monthly newsletters, posters, payroll stuffers, flyers and email communications.

A Smoking Cessation Program

Smokers miss two or three more days of work per year compared to nonsmokers, and when they are at work they spend time away from their job going outside (or to some designated area) to smoke. This decreased productivity, combined with the higher medical costs associated with smoking, negatively affects your organization. We will help you develop a smoking cessation program that supports your employees’ smoking cessation goals. We can provide educational materials, ideas for workplace activities such as support groups, and even financial incentives such as lower health insurance premiums for non-smokers.

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