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Employee Communication & Education

Explaining The Value Of Your Benefits Package!

It is important that current and potential employees understand the full value of your benefits package, both from a financial point of view and from a health point of view. Financially, benefits are now a key part of any compensation discussion, and you must be able to clearly demonstrate the monetary significance of the benefits you provide. It is also vital that employees know about and take advantage of all the preventative and wellness aspects of the health care insurance you provide in order to maximize its effectiveness.

As part of our commitment to superior customer service, we will help in communicating with and educating your employees through:

  • Face-to-face meetings and seminars to explain benefits in clear, concise language
  • Informative videos that new employees can watch during orientation
  • Quick and thorough responses to any phone calls and emails
  • Informative newsletters, brochures and emails that can be easily customized with your company‚Äôs look, logo, etc., saving you time and effort
  • Online Information Center

To see samples of the type of materials we can provide, call us at 336-725-4606 to set up a one-on-one meeting or visit our online information center.